Book Signing with Pastor Jim

Dr. Henry’s three books will be available in the Library for purchase and autograph after the worship service this Sunday, May 2. What Now? is a practical book for caregivers for those suffering from memory loss. Keeping Life in Perspective is a book for living a winning life in a difficult world, and Son of a Gunn is an autobiography about Dr. Henry’s journey of faith including how he met with presidents, Billy Graham, and others. Enjoy these books!

Budget Presentation Schedule

It’s time to review and approve our 2021-22 church budget. Copies of the proposed budget will be available in the Sanctuary following the worship service on Sunday, May 9, and in the church office the next week. The proposed budget will be presented for discussion and questions in a special called church conference on Sunday, May 16 at 5:00 pm in the Sanctuary. We will vote to approve next year’s budget, without discussion, in the 10:30 am worship service on Sunday, May 23. I am grateful for our financial planning team and the outstanding work they have done to prepare this budget. This new plan will allow us to continue to minister to our community and to the world with the gospel of Christ.

Sanctuary Seating

If you are more comfortable with masks and social distance seating, please sit in either of the two outermost sections on the main floor. Those sections are designated for seating in every other row. Other sections on the main floor and in the balcony are now open for general seating.

Say YES to VBS!

Vacation Bible School will be June 21-25. Our VBS Leadership Team is planning an outstanding week with great activities and appropriate safeguards. Volunteers are needed in all areas. You can register your children for VBS or volunteer to serve at

Something to Think About

Pastor and author Rick Warren once said, “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” God created all of us to be exactly who we are. He values us and loves us enough to send His Son to die on the cross for us. And that makes us all pretty special. So, we shouldn’t think less of ourselves because God doesn’t, but we should think of ourselves less.

God has bigger plans for us than we can imagine. Realizing those plans begins with humbling ourselves before the Lord, so that He can lift us up. James 4:10 Humbling ourselves before God takes the focus off of us, and puts it on Him, where it needs to be. And that’s when God can begin to use us for His kingdom.

The Bible also calls us to value each other more than we do ourselves. Check out Philippians 2:3. It’s amazing how those two simple decisions will give us a whole new perspective on how we are to live… humbling ourselves before God and valuing others more than we value ourselves. Keep letting Jesus be Jesus in you!

Have a great weekend! Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!